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Why Index?

Index (or, Passive) investing is the preference of todays’ intelligent investor. In a 10-year timeframe less than 20% of active managers beat their respective index. Give yourself the greatest chance of success and join the index revolution. Index investing is cheaper, less complicated, and the performance speaks for itself.


Superior Performance

Indexing has consistently outperformed 70-80% of actively managed funds over the long-run

Less Expensive

Index funds are significantly less expensive than actively managed funds


Index Funds are made up of hundreds of companies, giving you a well diversified portfolio.

We help individual investors determine their unique index allocations

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A Little About Our Core Beliefs

Fees Matter

You don’t need a full time Financial Adviser, or their full time fees. For most individual investors, paying someone full-time to watch their money is counterproductive.

Why Hire Hourly

Index Investing

Index / passive investing is the preferred investment approach for today’s efficient markets. For independent investors, it is by far the best option for your wallet as well as peace of mind.

Passive vs. Active Investing

Diversification is Crucial

As all investors would agree, diversification is an absolute necessity. We believe that ideal diversification is best achieved with  Sector Specific Index Funds.

Why Diversification is Crucial

Hiring CFPs®

CFPs® are the industry gold standard in Financial Planning. We partner with some of the best to help educate our clients to become better Phantom Investors.

Hire a CFP®

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